3D CMM = 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

A 3D CMM, or 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine, is a precision device used to measure the three-dimensional geometry of an object. This machine consists of a movable arm or rod with sensors that detect the spatial coordinates of specific points on the object under analysis.

The 3D CMM is capable of accurately measuring the dimensions, distances and positions of points of interest on components or parts of different shapes and sizes. Because of its ability to measure in three dimensions, the 3D CMM is particularly useful in the manufacturing industry to ensure accuracy and quality of finished products.

Measurements made with a 3D CMM allow checking the conformity of parts to design specifications and identifying any defects or dimensional deviations. This information is essential to ensure that parts meet the required quality standards and that the production process is efficient and accurate.

In summary, a 3D CMM is an advanced and precise tool used to accurately measure the three-dimensional geometries of components or parts, playing a fundamental role in dimensional and quality control in the manufacturing industry.